Photo Essays
1. Exile’s Return
2. Chaplin’s Parents
3. Hannah Chaplin’s Femmes Fatales
4. Playing Dress-Up  In The Land of Make Believe
5. Teenage Girls and Fear of Aging
6. Chaplin’s Three Teenage Wives
7. Mildred Harris
8. Lita Grey
9. Oona O’Neill
10. Chaplin’s Father
11. A Royal Lion
12. Vesta Tilley as Bertie
13. Ella Shields as Bertie
14. Making A Living
15. The Lion Comique’s Son: Dressed Like A Bum
16. Monsieur Verdoux as a Lion Comique
17. Calvero as a Lion Comique
18. The Lion Comique’s Son in the Limelight
19. Charlie as a Child
20. The Kid’s Lucky Break
21. Syd Chaplin
22. A Family Album of Theatrical Drunks
23. Chaplin’s Family Romance
24. Edna Purviance
25. Purviance’s Influence on Chaplin’s Character
26. Essanay
27. Chaplinitis
28. Chaplin’s Predecessors
29. Eye Contact: Audience-Performer Intimacy
30. Chaplin the Auteur
31. Chaplin’s Two Autobiographies
32. Going It Alone
33. The Circus
34. Autobiographical Starvation Scenes From The Gold Rush
35. Autobiographical Madness Scenes in Modern Times
36. Two British Music Hall Traditions and Topical Comedy
37. The Great Dictator
38. Fatal Attraction: Joan Barry
39. Monsieur Verdoux: Guillotine or Hatchet Job?
40. Limelight
Chaplin: A Life In Film
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 The Circus
Bazin, Andre Charlie Chaplin
Bengston, John Silent Traces: Discovering Early Hollywood Through The Films of Charlie Chaplin
Bessy, Maurice Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin, Charles My Autobiography
Chaplin, Charles My Life In Pictures
Chaplin, Charles My Trip Abroad
Chaplin Jr, Charlie My Father Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin, Michael I Couldn’t Smoke The Grass On My Father’s Lawn
Cotes, Thelma & Niklaus, Peter The Little Fellow: The Life and Works of Charlie Chaplin
Epstein, Jerry Remembering Charlie
Geduld, Harry ed. Charlie Chaplin’s Own Story
Geduld, Harry Chapliniana
Gehring, Wes Charlie Chaplin: A Bio-Bibliography
Gifford, Denis Chaplin
Haining, Peter The Legend of Charlie Chaplin
Haining, Peter Charlie Chaplin: A Centenary Celebration
Hale, Georgia Charlie Chapin: Intimate Close-Ups
Hayes, Kevin J., Charlie Chaplin: Interviews
Huff, Theodore Charlie Chaplin A Biography
Jacobs, David Chaplin The Movies and Charlie
Kamen, Gloria Charlie Chaplin
Kamin, Dan The Artistry of Charlie Chaplin 
Kamin, Dan  Charlie Chaplin’s One-Man Show
Kamin, Dan ed. Chaplin’s Limelight and the Music Hall Tradition
Kuriyama, Constance The Intimate Chaplin
Lynn, Kenneth  Charlie Chaplin and His Times
Madden, David Harlequin’s Stick, Charlie’s Cane
Maland, Charles Chaplin and American Culture
Manvell, Roger Chaplin
McCabe, John Charlie Chaplin
McCaffery, Donald Focus on Chaplin
McDonald, Gerald The Complete Films of Charlie Chaplin
Milton, Joyce Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin
Minney, R.J. Chaplin The Immortal Tramp
Mitchell, Glenn The Chaplin Encyclopedia
Payne, Robert The Great God Pan
Ross, Lillian Moments With Chaplin
Robinson, David Chaplin His Life and Art
Robinson, David Chaplin The Mirror of Opinion
Saroyan, Amran Trio:Oona Chaplin, Carol Matthau, Gloria Vanderbilt : Portrait of an Intimate Friendship
Scheide, Frank & Mehran, Hooman The Dictator and the Tramp
Schickel, Richard The Essential Chaplin: Perspectives on the Life and Art of the Great Comedian
Scoville, Jane Oona Living in the Shadows: A Biography of Oona O'Neill Chaplin
Smith, Julian  Chaplin
Sobel, Raoul & Francis, David Chaplin
Tyler, Parker Chaplin Last of the Clowns
Vance, Jeffrey Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema
Vance, Jeffrey Wife of the Life of the Party
Von Ulm, Gerith Charlie Chaplin - King Of Tragedy
Wranovics, John Chaplin and Agee: The Untold Story of the Tramp, the Writer, and the Lost Screenplay

Adeler, Edwin and West, Con. Remember Fred Karno?
Bailey, Peter (Editor). Music Hall: The Business of Pleasure
Beaver, Patrick. The  Spice of Life: Pleasures of the Victorian Age
Bratton,J.S. The Victorian Popular Ballad
Cheshire, D.F. Music Hall in Britain  
Disher,  M.  Willson. Clowns & Pantoimimes
Findlater,Richard. Joe Grimaldi: His Life and Theatre 
Gallagher, J.P. Fred Karno: Master of Mirth and Tears 
Garrett,  John  M.  Sixty  Years  of  British  Music  Hall 
Green,Benny. The Last Empires
Honri, Peter. Working The Halls
Jones, Gareth Stedman. "Working-Class Culture and Working-Class Politics in London, 1870-1900: Notes On the Re-Making of a Working Class," in Languages of Class: Studies in English Working Class History
Leslie, Peter. A Hard Act To Follow: A Music Hall Review
Macqueen-Pope,  W.  Carriages  at  Eleven:  The  Story  of  the  Edwardian  Theatre
Mander,  Raymond  &  Mitchenson,  Joe.  British Music Hall:  A  Story  In  Pictures
Mellor,G,J.The Northern Music Hall; a Century of Popular Entertainment
Morley,  Sheridan.  Spread  a Little Happiness: The First Hundred Years  of  the  British  Music Hall  
Powell, Sandy & Stanley, Harry. Can You Hear Me, Mother?' Sandy Powell's Lifetime of Music Hall
Priestley,J.B. The Edwardians
Wilmut, Roger. Kindly Leave the Stage: the Story of Variety, 1919-1960
Wilson, A.E. Half A Century of Entertainment
Wilson, A.E. King Panto: The Story of Pantomime

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